Those ‘mums’ called Scum


So here I am, sat on the sofa, a sleeping 5 year old in my arms while the 7 year old noisily & very (, VERY) actively bashes & bangs around on the Xbox Kinect. I look at them & I feel blessed, & a huge sense of pride & love, more than I thought I could ever thought possible. 

Which is why at the same time I can feel my blood boil over this morning – a mothers natural instinct I guess to the disgusting & shocking behaviour I witnessed from one of those idiots Im meant to call a fellow mums. She isn’t a mum though, sure and may have the biological title but after what I’m about to tell you I’m sure you’re agree that the title ‘Mum’ isn’t worthy of scum like this. 

So there we are; a crowded school room, parents filing in after dropping off their little darlings & helping themselves to tea & coffee ready for the start of today’s group (one of many groups held by the school). When in strolls HER – we’ll call her Miss P for this – & her usual stream of profanities trailing with her. Most of us shake our heads in disgust including the staff who sentence her her 1st warning within minutes of her entering the room. 

Today’s group topic? Benefits. Now this wasn’t debating about people being on them, this was purely a talk about how they’ll soon be changing – more of an information session if you will & a very interesting one at that. Well it was until Miss P opened her mouth, & that my friends is why I’m sat here filled with anger bashing this out right now. 

From the get go she decided to not call her 5 kids by their names but to refer to them only as ‘tw*ts, b*tches & little pr*cks” issuing her her 2nd warning & yet she still continued to call them this, believing that this was acceptable way to treat her kids?!

From there she went on to say how she can’t handle 5 kids, how she hates them &  regularly smacks them. How she wishes she never had that many because she only gets to go out partying once a week now & how the benefit system isn’t doing enough for her because the £1000+ she gets in JUST child tax & income support isn’t enough each month, much less the ‘measly’ income support she gets handed too her. 

Many of us disgusted, loudly voiced our opinions, myself included & repeatedly put her in her place not that she thinks she did anything wrong of course! But come on, what gives any parent the right to call their kids that much less hit them! & to openly admit you wish you never had them & that you hate them because you can’t go partying more than once a week? Vile, be lucky you go out even that much! 

As for the benefits, well all I can say to that is that the benefit system is meant to be there to help those who need it NOT for scum like her who continue laying on her back popping out more kids to abuse & rake in money just because she doesn’t feel like working!! What she needs is to get a bloody job & to really see how it is to struggle, can guarantee she wouldn’t have £1000+ a month then to just blow on her bloody drugs & partying – cause it’s sure as hell clear those kids don’t get sod all from that money! But of course she won’t get a job, that requires her actually getting off her ass & she’s made perfectly clear she much prefers laying on her back than making any type of living for herself or her kids. 

I know I shouldn’t let it wind me up, but when you look at her & then you look at the people who out there that can’t have kids even though they’d make fantastic mums OR even people like me who while blessed with kids already have either lost kids in the past or have been told that you can’t have more, it’s sickening. I just want to bundle her kids up & bring them home with me; I want to show them what it can be like to have a ‘normal’ family, a family where being called ‘tw*t, b*tch & pr*ck’ isn’t the norm, a family who doesn’t put you don’t constantly, a family that doesn’t tell you they wished they never had you because partying’s more important but most of all a family that doesn’t hit you. I honestly just feel so sorry for those kids. It’s SCUM like her who don’t deserve to be parents that sadly are always the ones who are able to keep ‘popping’ them out. 

& that my friends is why I’m sat here hugging my beautiful daughter & watching my son jump around, more thankful than ever that I have these 2 amazing children & that they’ll never have to grow up in that environment. & equally feeling pained by those out there who aren’t blessed enough to have their own kids, yet have to sit & watch scum like her treat those innocent kids like they weren’t dirt, God I can’t imagine how much that much hurt – my thoughts go out to you x


Well here it is..


My first post!

Why have I created this blog I hear you ask, the answers simple; this mums inner voice is sick of constantly of having to hold back what it really thinks & feels.

Yes I’m an outspoken person, maybe a little too much sometimes but equally I have keep shushing that voice & reminding it to not reveal the full extent of this mums thoughts & feelings unless I wish to be the sole reason for World War 3 amongst my family, friends & that place that often seems like it belongs in a horror movie; the school playground!

So here it is, my place to rant, rave & overall just have a moan. You may not like what I post, hell you may even take offence but truth is you’ll probably relate to this blog more than you’d like to admit lol.

Over & out folks, speak again soon! x